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Our Kids’ classes are typically 45 minutes long, with professional adult instructors in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. After a short warmup, the children learn a clinch or takedown technique, then take turns drilling the technique to build muscle memory. 

Each student’s advancement in the program is measured by consistency and his or her own progress.




Kids training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu not only learn how to defend themselves in various situations, but develop the confidence that helps them become Bully Proof. The understanding of distance and leverage helps our Fox Cubs learn how to avoid, evade, and escape from the many physical confrontations so common to the young.



Our Fox Cubs learn the importance of goalsetting, and the determination & consistency needed to achieve them. BJJ is a structured program with belts and stripes acknowledging personal achievement. Belts display both effort, time, and experience in training. For kids under 16 years of age the belts are white, grey, yellow, orange, and green. Kids become aware of the requirements to move up the ranks by the example of their higher ranking teammates and are encouraged to set goals, and work toward their achievement.

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One of the most consistent improvements for kids training Jiu Jitsu is the growth of positive self-esteem. The success that kids experience as part of their training builds a self-respect that leads into higher self-esteem. Children discover how to appreciate, like, and trust themselves for who they are. This self-esteem is strong and long-lasting since it is founded on success. For years to come, it will have a favorable influence on how they interact with others, authority, and themselves.



Kids who consistently attend class will become more physically fit as a result of participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They will benefit from improved coordination and performance in all other sports they participate in. As part of their training, children perform a variety of conditioning, stretching, and strength exercises in each practice. Each participant in the program advances at their own rate, and regular training improves muscular tone, strength, and flexibility while also igniting a child's interest in physical exercise.

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Jiu-Jitsu uses a sequence of progressive motions to enhance coordination. Learning grappling techniques and stringing them together into a series of movements are fundamental for BJJ training. Children improve their coordination by repeating single motions and sequences, which helps them build neural pathways and muscle memory.



Through training our Fox Cubs gain more self-confidence, which they may use in other aspects of their lives. Kids learn how to approach and effectively handle unexpected situations through a series of challenges. Our structured and progressive program develops a foundation of confidence in oneself and a willingness to tackle through challenges. Each milestone helps them gain the courage to take on and accomplish more difficult tasks in the future.


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